Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April, April, macht was ich will.

Hello, fellow bloglodytes. I've been a bad blogger, I know. Sometimes I have the impression there is an inverse correlation between the amount that I write and the amount that I blog. Man With Beard has been away a lot recently, but the good news is, I've written about 35,000 words in the past three weeks. The bad news is, somebody has to type it in now.
Any volunteers? I'll e-mail it to you and...

(ps: The proverb is actually 'April, April, macht was er will.' Or, April, April, does what it wants. What I wrote says 'April, April, does what I want.' Which has probably just jinxed me.)


fairyhedgehog said...

You're writing! Yay!

But I do miss you when you're not around. Still, writing has to take precedence.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

I am around, sort of. I wonder sometimes if some of you only need two hours of sleep a night or something. I couldn't write, blog, socialize, clean my house, tend my offspring, garden and kiss my cats to even a minimum standard the way some of you seem to. I do check in, though, just not daily at the mo.

fairyhedgehog said...

I have CFS and I spend a lot of time sitting down because I can't manage much more than that! I'm not writing (my brain's not up to it) so I mostly crochet and play online. That's how I have time but I don't recommend it!

Sylvia said...

Talk about jinxes! Can I blame you for the cold rainy weather here in Spain then?

I think prioritising time has to be done ruthlessly. For me, the blog is pretty low on the list (although I do think everyone else should blog LOTS so that I have plenty to read when in procrastination mode.

Can't wait to hear about what you are writing!