Thursday, June 3, 2010

French Kid Update

Le French Kid, AKA Randy the Unpronounceable, has arrived. We have made the following observations:

1) He folds his dirty laundry.
2) He speaks three words of German. We are still trying to figure out which three.
3) He's very shy, and mumbles when he talks (which is rare enough). He only mumbles in French.
4) In the event that the subject is brought to smile, (we have only managed to elicit this phenomenon once) he has killer dimples.

Even though we are supposed to speak German to him, Bearded One took pity on him and tried to speak to him in French at dinner last night; the kid is 12 and it was a 10 hour bus ride. (Their driver got lost and wound up at the Hospital. Prima's teacher went to rescue them and guide them to the school. It was eight by the time they arrived back at our house.) Anyway, Randy did not seem to understand Bearded One's French, which is scary because Bearded one had nine years of French in school and worked in the French speaking part of Switzerland for two years speaking what he had always assumed was French.

Will keep you bloglodytes posted on Randy's progress. Perhaps we can get him to fling his dirty socks at the laundry basket like a normal kid by the time he leaves.


Robin S. said...

Oh!!!! I love your list, M R! I just read it to my 18 year old daughter and she said, "Oh!!!!!", too.

P.S. Did ya see Paca has us doing voice posts tomorow? Are you gonna do one?

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Yes, I saw that- I wish I had time to participate- school is out the first week of July here, so in addition to the exchange student we have school plays and outings every ten minutes...

(insert icon for hopelessy overwhelmed parental face here)

sylvia said...

OK, the folding dirty laundry thing is scary. You keep a close eye on that young man!

Robin S. said...

Hope it's all going fine!