Monday, April 26, 2010

Proactive! (No, I don't mean that yogurt that makes sure you poop regularly.)

Maybe it's the kids being home, or the pollen, or fill in the blank, but in any case, I've haven't written more than 1000 words in the last two weeks.  The clouds of volcanic ash have ruined my plans to slither off undetected to the Faroe Islands.  Since they were purely fantasy anyway (my plans, not the clouds of volcanic ash) this is perhaps all for the best.  So what to do?  I just don't seem to be getting any work done at my desk, and renting a room close-bye hasn't worked out.  That leaves- yes:

The Garden Shed.
The mess.
The new space!

Prima is still off today, but Thirdling and Middlekid are back to school, so I tried out my new space.  No phone, no computer, nothing.  (Also no heat, so this is likely to be a summer thing)  For the most part, I'm pleased.  There were some minor hitches today - the cat thinks trotting around on the roof while I'm inside trying to concentrate is fun, and they decided to clean out the drainage sewer in the street right next to it, which made so much noise it literally rattled the shed, but these are small things.  And I even wrote a couple of pages!  So, we'll see what comes of it.

Take that, all you evil rejections! 


Whirlochre said...

What crazy synchronicity. I've just spent the afternoon typing at the laptop in my greenhouse.

It's actually not that bad — apart from the spiders and the need to pause and marvel at my cacti.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Sometimes it pays to get away from all the disturbances. External, I mean; I don't hold anybody but me responsible for what's inside my head :)

Robin S. said...

WOW - that shed looks good, girl!

And as for not writing for a while, I think thst just does happen sometimes. Your brain says 'uh uh' to ya.

By the way, I'd like to link you on my blog. Is that OK? I'm planing on actually blogging soon - when I finish these damned edits the last part of May.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Oops. Maybe I fox passed, but I didn't even ask anyone if I could link to them (insert cute little pink-cheeked blushy smiley-face icon here, that makes me look much more charming than I am in real life). I suppose one should ask, now that you mention it, but it didn't occur to me at the time. Anyway, I'd be honored, and look forward to taking you off "on sabitacal."

Good luck with the edits!

North said...

I hope you take a swig from the garden hose whenever you are thirsty.

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