Friday, December 4, 2009

All Blogs Were Quiet

I've noticed lots of my fellow bloglodytes going quiet lately, including myself. There is the usual year-end hullaballoo, ill children (Middlekid is home ill now), ill selves and general lethargy brought on by winter cold and grey. On top of that, someone rang my doorbell about half an hour ago to let me know their shutting the water off because of a pipe break.
Here's a cybercookie from me and the wee ones for all of you, no matter where you are or what your faith. Extra cookies for anyone who is kind enough to pray to who/whatever they believe in that Middlekid doesn't start to barf before the water's back on.


Robin S. said...

Beautiful blog you have, MR.
I've gone quiet on my blog as well. And so have Sylvia, Blogless Troll, McKoala, Paca and several other people I normally visit.

I'm wondering if it's the season or if there's some kind of timing-end-game for those of us who've been around for a while? What do you think? Right now I'm mainly visiting EE and just barely passing around other places, because I'm working a full time job and working on my novel, and I have a teenaged daughter at home.

I started blogging by visiting EE for a year and a half before I visited anyone else or started blogging myself. I feel myself folding back down to a manageable level again.

And I've been writing a lot more since I started slowing down blogging. Only thing is - my fellow bloggers are the very people who talk about my favorite thing to do - writing!

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Thanks, Robin.

End game... I hadn't thought of that, though it's been clear to me for some time that things are cyclical for me. I go through periods where I read other's blogs, online mags, blog a lot, take a course, - though I don't actually produce much during these courses; it's after I'm saturated that I start to produce.
I'm always on the net a bit, though. As you've probably seen from reading my blog, my efforts to find other writers in my neck of the woods have been fruitless, and I find it really hard to go weeks and weeks without talking shop at all...

I sometimes wonder if established authors regret building up such a following to their blogs- it makes it that much harder to disappoint the followers by taking a break.
Between you and me, I wonder if EE doesn't some times wish he could just take a month off! It's funny about the end-game comment.. I feel a shift in the flavor of minion lately- like the next generation is easing in.. or just the next cycle, till we have a break, maybe.

But yeah; if all the energy is going into blogging... not much else gets written...
Good luck with your novel :)

pacatrue said...

Hello, Mother.

I've wanted to say that for a long time, which is odd, since I think I always address you as Mother on EE's blog.

Two things happened to my blogging. First up, I started using Facebook more often, so all my short meaninglessness goes there. Second, I'm desperately behind now on The Dissertation, and so blog cutback.

You are not allowed, however, to cut back, as I have now just visited and require blogger fulfillment.

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