Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Like a Cat Flap, also, a Not No...

Ok. well, the critique group is just gearing up for it's second round of submissions and everyone just seems to be ignoring all my comments about ideas and stuff. That's ok. I think the only way for any of us to find out if this group is going to be productive is to try each other out; we could waste ages trying to gauge the 'fit' over the net.

The local chapter meeting. Hmmm... Well, I wasn't expecting much. When one of my esteemed colleagues commented on the lack of agenda, the Pres kept reitterating that he 'just thought it would be good to meet each other finally.' In fact, I really had the impression that his goal for the meeting was to not accomplish anything. My Esteemed Colleague (who has a lot to offer) tried to find out if there was interest in a critique group, which ended in a promise from another member to start a closed blog to which we would all have access. It hasn't happened yet. When I tried to raise the subject of logo, he refused to look at mine and said "we can post them on the website." So I took my sketch home again. We'll see.

Now, about the 'not no;' I have subbed to a certain online publication (not kidlit) and they have notified me that I have made the first round, so wish me luck.

I am finding kidlit depressing all of the sudden; there are too many rules, the competition is so negative, the community not so supportive as I had hoped. But the thought of going back to my vacuum isn't very appealing either....

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