Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Think I'm Gonna Be Sick...

This is a social phenomenon.

Everybody else is getting dewrinkled/defatted and I don't want to be left out and be the only one not dewrinkled/defatted because no one will love me.

Don't get this. If peer pressure is not considered an adequate excuse to do all the unhealthy outrageous things teenagers do, why is mom setting such a bad example? What does this tell our girls? If you are wrinkled, fat, tits too small nose too big you must change it before daddy ditches you for a younger woman? (This isn't giving dad much credit, but that's another topic...)

The last thing this planet needs is more brainwashing of very young children that mommy needs to fit the mold.

Why are people all buying this? (The idea not the book- I really hope he doesn't have many takers; there won't be much marketing, I hope, since it's self published.) Maybe we need a campaign. Just say NO to tummy tucks and boobjobs! Any takers?

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